Thursday, July 23, 2009

At least 500 in Line at Comic-Con for New Moon

Wow! I bet there is more than 500 by this time! Hitfix interviewed some of the fans that were already in line at Hall H by 12 midnight wednesday morning to get a glimpse of the New Moon panel. Here are what some of the fans had to say:

"My nephew was here at midnight saving us a spot," one pass holder told HitFix adding she was "relieved" no one had beaten them to the prime spot. All the members of the group are first timers and the number one reason they are waiting in line all night for a presentation that doesn't begin until 1:45 PM the following day? No, not a chance to see rising superstar Robert Pattinson, but his co-star; Taylor Lautner.

"They all hate me for it, but I'm Team Jacob," a teenage member of the crew said.

Debbie, a very senior member of the contingent then added, "We want to see the previews of the new movie."

Check out more here at HitFix

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