Friday, July 24, 2009

Burger King to be featured in New Moon

I'm guessing its the Port Angeles Scene when Bella and Jessica are supposed to be going to McDonalds and it ends up being Burger King. MTV has confirmed the news that Burger King will be featured in The Twilight Saga: New Moon so says the Reelz Channel. I love the way they say this very funny:

Given that half the movie's characters are vampire vegetarians or werewolves, just how is this latest marketing ploy going to fit in? Maybe we'll see notorious non-eater Edward chowing down on a beef burger, longing for years past when he didn't murder cows himself. Or perhaps Jacob will reluctantly agree to a milkshake and fries before he heads out for a night of prowling on all fours. Either way, comedy gold could well be upon us when New Moon hits theaters. 10 points to whoever spots the Burger King logo first!

Source: ReelzChannel

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