Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Drunken Pocket Adventure

Well here we are again! Another pocket Adventure. MMB decided to go invade the humans liquor cabinet which was not a good idea and something I was very angry about. So take a look at our adventure.

B: Edward please stay away from the chicken. E: This ain't no chicken its a Rooster Bella stay away!

B: Hey look what I found! E: Stay away from that Bella that is the humans. You don't know what they will do if they find you near that.

B: This is some good tequila

E: Give it here Bella! B: Hey! I wasn't done with that! You are no fun Edward!

E: Here have some water. B: evil pocket! I'm hungry.

B: Yum...Yum...this is some good chocolate. E: You want some of this Edward?

E: I don't think I can do this Bella. I will just have to find a way to get it out of my system later. I'd rather not.

B: I think I look plain...ughh

E: You are not plain. You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen!

B: Oh Edward I love you! E: As do I Bella.

B: There is something behind you Edward. E: What is it?

B: A cat! Stay very still. E: Hey thats my line...haha

B: Hey look what I found Edward. I'm a goddess...hehe

B: Am I blending in? Dang this not able to pray...hehe...Lets go for a ride!

E: After you Bella. I won't be caught dead driving this thing. B: But you are dead Edward.

E: You know what I mean...get in B: Okay okay...Mr. Bossy!

E: Watch out Bella!

B: Whoa! I didn't see them there!

B: I'm so sorry bunnies are you okay? Why am I talking to them as if they would talk back...get it together Bella.

Well thats the end of our Adventure! Hope to see you back here soon. I doubt MME will let me drive again after almost running over those bunnies! See ya!

Till next time...

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