Friday, July 24, 2009

Hollywood speaks to Ashley, Chris, And Melissa Rosenberg got to speak with Ashley, Chris, and Melissa at Comic-Con regarding the chemistry on set, creating the wolves, and Taylor looking like Adonis. Here is a portion of the article:

What do you think that you're bringing to New Moon that's different?

Weitz: I think I"m very old fashioned in terms of my films references and what appeals to me. In the way that shots are composed and the way the camera moves. The color I like to bring out of things, and so that influenced the people that I hired on the crew. I'm always more influenced by somebody like David Greene, not that I would put myself in the same breath as him, Kurosawa or somebody like that, than anything that feels at all contemporary. Because that's already there. The characters are contemporary. The music is contemporary. The feelings are perennial.

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