Friday, July 17, 2009

Inside infor on Robert Pattinson from the Remember Me Set

According to the Examiner they have heard from an inside souce who works at the Plaza Hotel, where Robert has been filming. Here is what was said:

"Both trailers for Robert and Pierce were right outside my work so I got a front row seat of all the goings on. They had to set up baracades across the street because so many teenage girls and their mothers were gathering. No fans were allowed in the hotel. They have a huge security team now for both stars but NO ONE cares about Pierce. He was walking across the street to his trailer and no one was taking pics or anything, he even tripped on the curb and no one noticed. Robert has a way bigger entourage. His crew are really rude to fans and kept pointing to Pierce's trailer when they were asking where Robert was. I tried asking 2 of them if I could get an autograph and they basically laughed in my face. Anytime Robert wasn't filming he was immediately taken back to his trailer. At the end of the day Robert was being ushered past my store and I just stepped up to him to ask for his autograph and he was really sweet and said "of course," but his security was not pleased with me. Earlier in the day an over-zealous fan rushed up to him in the hotel and grabbed his arm yelling and freaking out. Security had to push her back and she made a huge scene."

I feel sorry for the truck driver being yelled by a crowd of girls. They are nuts! LOL!

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Source: Examiner

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