Thursday, July 23, 2009

Interview with Chris Weitz

Here is another interview with Director Chris Weitz. asked the director 21 questions regarding New Moon, the CGI used, and Breakind Dawn. Some questions look like some he may have been asked before. Here is one of the questions asked:

H:There’s a lot of fan speculation about what the Volturi will actually look like, and from what we’ve read and seen, they’re really off the mark. Will we see the Volturi in any of the upcoming trailers or publicity stills, or will that be top secret until the movie is released?

CW: I think they’ll be some publicity stills coming out about them eventually. I’m not sure whether they’ll be in the trailers or not. I think, essentially, our aim was to make them look like what it says they look like in the book and not to be too fancy about it. It was very important to [Stephenie] that the werewolves transform very quickly and that they look like wolves, that we not have this kind of magical Lon Cheney-esque long transformation, and I think the reason behind that is to make sense of their reality. And I think that that was important to the Volturi as well. That they’re not levitating above the ground. They’re not surrounded by mystical auras, they are creatures who actually exist, and they’re very specific, they’re very stylish, they’re very elegant, they’re very dangerous. But essentially, it’s fairly faithful to the book.

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