Friday, July 24, 2009

Kristen and Taylor Interview with Latino Review

The Latino Review got a chance to talk to Kristen and Taylor at Comic-Con yesterday about their characters, the sequel and what they did in between takes. Here's a small part of the article:

Q: There's a lot of heartache in the movie. How do you cheer yourself up?

Lautner: This is so random. I like to carry a football with me and as soon i'm done filming I'll play catch with anybody that will play catch with me.

Stewart: We played catch.

Lautner: Kristen and I played catch all the time and she has a really good arm. She's extremely accurate. I don't know how I got on this. She's extremely accurate. The grapes.

Stewart: Oh, yeah. I can throw a grape from across the room and he'll catch it in his mouth.

Lautner: So maybe a little bit talented at openeing my mouth and aiming it at a falling grape, but she places it in the perfect spot. Its so weird. So we keep ourselves busy.

To read the rest of the article click here.

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