Friday, July 24, 2009

Movies Online Interview with Kristen and Taylor

Movies online sat down with Kristen and Taylor and asked them questions on filming New Moon and what fans should expect to see. I think Kristen and Taylor really understand the pain Bella is going thru in the book and Taylor as well for Jacob. It gets me really excited for the movie. Here is a part of the interview:

Q: How does it feel to be working on such a popular film with such a huge fan base?

Kristen Stewart: It feels good. There’s nothing bad. Like trying to describe what it feels like to have people… It’s so funny. Everyone feels like we’re nervous about the pressure and having approval but this art form is so subjective anyway that to have…just to say ‘I love this book. I’m obsessed with it.’ And then to say, ‘Well yeah, me too.’ Everything is better if you’re on some sort of common ground. It’s like fire. There’s nothing better than sharing passion. This is so far out of our scope of what’s going on in our head when we’re shooting a movie. It was strange having fans so close but like Chris Weisz said, it’s like doing theater when they stand up and clap after every take and sit there very quietly organized in little rows and try not to disturb us while we’re all in character. It’s a little bit more pressure, but at the same time it was motivating.
Taylor Lautner: It was encouraging.
Kristen Stewart: Yes, it was very encouraging.
Taylor Lautner: It was kind of cool to see you have this fan base behind you.

To see the rest of the article click here.

Source: Movies Online

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