Monday, July 27, 2009

A Pocket BBQ Adventure

Alright we are here again and you know what time it is. We had a BBQ this weekend with our human and some of her relatives. Weird set of people I can tell you that. So much staring going around like they have never seen a pocket before. The nerve of those peeps. We met one of our humans BBF's twilighterlovee. Nice girl that one but we found out she is partners with that dog...ugh...but nice girl just the same. Anyway take a look at our weekend and the trouble Bella put me in by making me work with my worst enemy!

Making potato salad with the humans! I'm very good in the kitchen.
My thats a big hand! But needed for all the chopping. You can't expect me to hold that big knife do you? MME would be worried I might cut myself.

Putting in the final touches!

So now we wait till it is ready. I'm a little hungry. E: Bella what are we doing in a basket? You do look beautiful next to that flower.
Yumm...salsa with chips! Looks good try some Edward.
HOT! HOT! I need some soda!

I think I need some too Bella I can't believe you made me eat that Disgusting stuff! I'm going to have to go hunting later.

Whoa?! Awkward....who's in the belly Edward?? E: Wednesday is that you? What did you call me?
The potato salad is done! Doesn't it look delicious! Now its time for the humans to eat.

Later that night....B got into some trouble with the humans nephews pockets...always causing trouble...

You are always getting into trouble Bella what happened now? B: Nothing they just crossed my path that is all.
Don't get near her! I will tear you all limb from limb!
Oh great the dogs have arrived! We don't need your help Jacob!
Oh now it is a battle vampire boy!

We can come to a truce if you just walk away.

Shake on it and no one gets hurt.

We ain't going no where vampire boy! Your girl is mine!

You asked for it!

I could have done that myself dog! I did not need your help!

I know you are here to protect Bella but I'm able to do that all on my own. Bella stay back!

She is mine dog! Stay away from her!

Yes we will see....

Thanks for reading our Pocket BBQ Adventure! We are catching a ride on twilighterlovee's hood.

Till next time...

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