Monday, July 13, 2009

A Pocket Weekend

Hey everyone we are back and ready for me and MMB had an awesome weekend! Though at some point it got a little scary. Oh and I took Bella hunting with me she said she wanted to come along and I knew she couldn't hack it...goes to teach you Bella you are not ready to join this life. Well read on to catch up on our weekend.

Hey Bella did you see how fast I caught this giraffe. Vampire speed! B: You aren't really going to hurt this giraffe are you? E:Of course not. B: Good I'll be back.

E: Now's my chance!

Later that night...

I got you a gift Bella.

Oh Edward I love it!

I give you my heart Bella. B: Well it is a little big isn't it. *smiles* But I love it Edward thank you. *hugs*

Watching Harry Potter with the Human. I don't completely understand why they are so scared of that nasty dog. If it was me I would rip him to pieces.

Hey Handsome devil. You and I have a lot of similarities. I might have been made by a lock of you hair. That maybe the reason why Bella likes me so much. I think she has a crush on you.

Oh no! Help! We have been captured by the humans nephew! I see him eyeing Bella. Don't worry Bella I'll save you!

Phew! *Wipes head* We have escaped. I think he just wanted a closer look so he could look like me. He looks like a really good life size Edward. *grins* Are you sure you aren't a vampire?

Bella can you get down from there before you give me a heart attack. B: Why Edward this is so much fun! Little_Bell was right this was a good idea!

Why do you always like to put yourself in danger Bella? B: I like danger and being this close to you.

Thanks for coming on our adventure with us. Shout out to Little_Edward and Little_Bell. Hope to meet you both soon! Maybe at Disney. *winks*

Till next time

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