Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Pockets are back!

We had a series of events happen today but rather than explain it myself I will let MME explain the whole thing to you! So take it away MME!

Hello world! Mini ME here. Our human headed out to work today and well Mini MB convinced me that we did not need to go along. So to not get in a disagreement with her I listened. Little did I know Mini MB had a plan of her own as I saw her pass winks to our human. She too look confused. So here you go a full account of our day, and was it a long day! It all started out with Mini MB getting lost!

Where is Bella? I had just seen her.

Hey Movie Edward you are so dreamy.

Bella what in the world are you doing up there! B: I'm just looking Edward calm down!

E: You could have hurt yourself Bella. B: Nothing was going to happen you worry to much.

E: You'll be the death of me Bella. B: Oh come on give me a hug.

Later in the day....

I knew I smelled something disgusting!!

E:You dogs better stay away from my Bella. I'm warning you! B: C'mon Edward let them B. Lets do something else.

E: Bella...I thought you didn't know how to dance? B: C'mon Edward this is not dancing this is posing with style!

So sorry...its over!! Cue the music!

Till next time!

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