Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Introducing Mini Movie Edward and Mini Movie Bella, but they like being called Bella and Edward for short of course. I have told them those names are taken but they don't listen. Pockets I tell you they have a mind of their own...hehe...well here they are! E: We have escaped from our plastic prison at last!

Don't worry Bella I'll get you out.

We are finally together.

Don't worry brother, we will get you out soon!

Hey Edward do you like my pin?

C'mon Bella lets look around and make sure its safe.

Bella I have found us a car but you drive this is too girly for me!

Edward can you please sit down! I can't bend my legs Bella remember!

We have arrived Bella. Pink? I don't think you like pink.

We have taken over Bella. As our humans friend Little Edward has said first the humans room, then the house, then the world!

Till next time...

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