Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rob doesn't tip like a movie star?

According to OK magazine. Which is not really a reliable source states he is not a good tiper since he is now a "rich movie star". Here is what they had to say:

Earlier this week, the Twilight hottie and some pals spent $350 on dinner in a fancy restaurant — but only dropped a $50 tip!

The casually dressed party laughed and joked at the table until nearly midnight. “They were the last diners to leave,” says one observer. The restaurant even comped a round of prosecco for the table.

But when it came time to pay, the group left a tip of only $50, just shy of the standard 15%, and way shy of what you’d expect the star of the most anticipated movie of the year to pay.

I'm not a very good tipper myself but I don't think just because you are according to the "rich and famous" you have to tip a large amount of money. What do you think? Do you think he should have tiped a larger amount ala Johnny Depp?

Source: Ok Magazine

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