Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rob's Top 20 Remember Me Faces

So I was looking thru some of the many pictures of Rob on the Remember Me set and I decided to do the Top 20 Rob Remember Me faces. Boy does he do a lot of weird faces some that are really funny. So here they are with some captions...hehe you can not have some of my coke face

Stressed Face
Happy Face

I feel so good face

Shocked face...ugh what!!

Sad face...poor baby

Freaked many people

Cute face

Lip face...pucker up!

Disappointed Face

Shocked Face...what the!

Hulk Face...arrrrr

Whoa hello face

Not part of Remember Me did that get in there...hehe

I am so not in the mood face

dazzling face

Wondering face

Pshh...yea I did come out in Twilight Face

Beat Face

Pissed off Face

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