Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shakira loves Twilight and Robert Pattinson

Sharkira was talking to MTV while promoting her new album and Twilight and Robert Pattinson came up and this is what she had to say about both and whether she would do a collaboration with Rob.

Regards to Twilight: "I love Twilight. I can't say what I love about Twilight." "Know why I watched Twilight? . . . The "She Wolf" song was already written, recorded, everything, and then the president of my label said 'Have you checked out Twilight? It's about wolves and about, um, vampires and things, and I'm like that's up my alley, where is it?"
"I love the love story ... the acting's great."

Regards to Rob: "I'm too old, I can't say those things . . . how old is he? . . . You're getting me into trouble." "Pattinson just arrived, but I've heard he's a great singer and a great musician as well . . . I'm very intrigued." When asked if she would collaborate with Pattinson, she said, "If the rumors are true, of course, I mean, why not?"

So what do you think? Do you think they will make sweet music together? I'll try to post the video interview with MTV later.

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