Sunday, July 26, 2009

To watch or not to watch the new 'New Moon' footage?

Alright, I've been having this debate on whether or not to watch these new clips being posted online. On one hand it will be good to see what everyone is talking about and actually see a small part of the movie instead of waiting till November. On the other hand I think it would ruin the "movie moment" for me. Last year when Twilight was going to come out the videos from Comic-Con also got leaked onto the internet and I decided to watch them since I was so excited to see the movie. Then when I actually went to the theatre, I was analyzing it and seeing if the movie was the same as the book. Which I saw online that a lot of people did the same thing. I had to see it 3 times to finally get into it and not be thinking oh I already saw this part, or oh thats not the way it is in the book. So this year I am going to stay as far away from any video spoilers as I possibly can. Otherwise as my sister always tells me "you will ruin the movie for yourself". I think she is right. Although I already know what is going to happen from reading the books, it is completely different when you actually see it on the big screen. I think I will just settle for the trailers for now unless I cave.

So what do you think? Are you doing to do the same thing I am doing? Or are you so excited to see the movies that any little thing that gets leaked you are going to watch?

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