Friday, July 31, 2009

Top 10 faces of Kellan Lutz

Ten gossip has come up with the Top 10 faces of Kellan Lutz. Who can resist looking at the other Cullens. I'm a Team Edward fan but I don't mind looking at the here you go for all you Emmett and Kellan Fans!
10. Half humored half cocky:

9. Welcome to Kellan's WTFE face:

8. Caught with my hand in the cookie jar face, *whispering, look behind him. Maxim:

7. Come hither and sit on my lap face, If anyone is still in their chair, un-moved after the look, i'm concerned about you:

6. Oh I know I'm fabulous face (yes babe, you are):

To see the rest click here

Source: Ten Gossip

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