Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Awful Truth? Is it really?

Ted Casablanca over at EOnline has an article stating that Catherine Hardwicke the director of Twilight says Robsten is so on. So its up to you? Do you believe the posts he puts up or not? I like to just play along and pretend that it is...hehe...but who knows it might be true or just made up crap. You some of the questions asked to Catherine at the Teen Choice Awards:

Your poor cast! They've all become insane tabloid targets. Do you pay attention to all the rumors?

When I'm in the airport on trips I'll look at the magazines. It's pretty wild. I feel pretty bad for everybody. You wish you could just have a life!

Some aren't exactly rumors though, like Rob and Kristen being more than"good friends." Do you like them as a couple in real life, too?

Of course! I cast them together, so obviously I think they're awesome together. There's no question about that.

To read more of the questions asked click here

Source: EOnline

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