Friday, August 21, 2009

CanMag's Interview with Robert Pattinson

CanMag got to interview Rob on the set of New Moon. Here is a bit of the article:

What Rob had to say about New Moon

"It wasn't just the director that made this one different," Pattinson said. "It was so different as well because we kind of knew what type of animal that we were dealing. I was much more of a supporting role, in this one. It was actually one of the most relaxing jobs that I've ever done. Chris has a really peaceful presence and I got on really well with him."

Rob on why 'New Moon' is his favorite book

"Mainly because I like the juxtaposition. Edward is such a hyped character, and there are so many people looking at him like a romantic hero. In New Moon, the way that I read it anyway, he's just so humbled. It's a character who's looking at Bella and thinking that he loves something too much, but he can't be around. He deliberately starts breaking up their relationship, which I think is a very relatable thing that is very painful. And, in the fight sequence at the end, Bella ends up saving Edward, as she does in every single one of the books. It's really funny how everyone looks at Edward as the hero, and he's continuously saved by the damsel in distress. I think he really realizes that in New Moon. Eclipse is really him trying to catch up with Jacob because he's so out of the loop and he can't speak in superlatives anymore. He's accepted being alive and he needs to catch up to Jacob."

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