Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chris Weitz's brother got to see some of New Moon? What!? No fair!

That you heard right according to MTV, Chris is hard at work putting the finishing touches on one of the most anticipated movies this fall. And since he is so close to his brother Paul, he has already shown him the film. "He showed me an early cut," Paul revealed to MTV. " And I thought it was awesome." Naturally, Paul is a bit biased - as any sibling would be when it comes to his brother's work. But nonetheless, MTV had to ask him to give us the first-ever "New Moon" movie review. "Why was it awesome?" he grinned. "Well, I just really enjoyed it." "I enjoyed the first movie too," Paul explained, insisting he was no newbie to the "Twilight" world. "[Chris' 'New Moon' movie] was really just an interesting story." To read more click here

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