Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eclipse cast spotted and news from the set

Jack Huston and Peter Facinelli were spotted at the Vancouver Airport yesterday. Christian Serratos was also spotted with her dog Bolt. Interesting name.

Now on to set new that i'm really excited about! *SPOILER* For those who have not read the books! You may have read the David Slade Tweet earlier this week. According to Lainey, not only did Kristen shoot with Robert, she was working with Taylor as well. "Bella" goes on a piggyback run with "Jacob" and they run through the forest. She also drops blook everywhere, and at some point she punches him in the face after he kisses her.

As for the tweet David Slade did it is referring to the scenes between Kristen and Rob that took place in the "meadow". Lainey's source tells her that they talk about getting married, they roll around a little, and they agree on a wedding date!

Eeep! Are you getting exctied cuz I am!

To see more photos click here!

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