Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eclipse Set Update: Graduation, the Humans, Vera, and Royce

Lainey gives us the deets about what went on the set this week:

On Friday it was Twilight graduation and a first look at Kristen Stewart's Bella hair. About the scenes - the day before (Thursday), "Bella" and her high school friends were in the cafeteria, excited about graduation. During filming for graduation the following afternoon, "Jessica" gives a speech. (was "Jessica" Valedictorian?)

Twilight fan Sabrina Frank arrived from Germany to Vancouver. Sabrina won a contest and the prize was that they created a character for her to play in the movie. Lainey is told exclusively that her character's name is Vera and Vera is somehomw involved with Jack Huston's "Royce King" and Nikki Reed's "Rosalie". Jack Huston was also seen leaving Vancouver. Guess his scene's are over. Before leaving though they all shot together in the park a scene that takes place in Rochester in 1933 in which Royce leers at Vera while an obvious Rosalie is next to hiim. Later on, Rosalie (still human) is seen alone with Vera who has a baby. I think you know what is going to happen next!

To see more photos of the cast click here

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