Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fight battle: 'Edward vs Angel' Who would win?

Who do you think would win in the battle of Angel vs Edward? I'm not sure on this one. I don't remember much about Angel since the show of Buffy the Vampire Slayer came out so long ago. Did he have any special abilities? MTV got to talk to the creator of the show Joss Whedon before he went into his panel at comic -con and here is a video of what he had to say:
Do you agree?

Source: EW


  1. i love ANGEL i get up at six ever day to watch ANGEL i mean i like EDWARD to i've seen twilight 22 times but if i would have to choose i would choose ANGEL SORRY EDWARD and ANGEL is from buffy the vampire slayer and ANGEL the tv show ,and now DAVID BOREANAZ [ANGEL] PLAIES IN BONES AND I WOULD LOVE TO SEE DAVID BOREANAZ IN NEW MOON ,ECLIPSE,AND BREAKING DAWN ALSO MATBE TWILIGHT I COULD SEE DAVID BOREANAZ PLAING IN THEM ALL

  2. i love ANGEL i mean i love EDWARD TO but i'am burned out of twlight i've seen it 22 times i now like DAVID BOREANAZ as ANGEL on buffy the vampire slayer ,and angel the tv show would i pick EDWARD of course but i would also pick ANGEL THE HOTEST VAM IN MY EYES NOW is ANGEL ya i still like EWDARD but i like ANGEL the most but that is just my oppion on this but i do love DAVID BOREANAZ [ANGEL] AND ROB PATTINSON [EDWARD] i used to go for all the ROB PATTINSON LOVERS now i go for all the DAVID BOREANAZ LOVERS i mean my mom says i will not like DAVID BOREANAZ that long and she said the ression is because ever day i get up at six watch to watch ANGEL and my mom is wrong i will alwas like DAVID BOREANAZ

  3. i'd like to see a competition between angel's bouffant and edward's bouffant.

    if we're talking edward versus angelus, i think angelus would kick edward's ass. angel vs. edward...they would have a contest to see who could brood the most. edward's got nothin' on angelus' creeptastic fetishes!

  4. I'm a huge Angel fan. I have all the DVDs for Angel, the tv series. However, Angelus was always too cocky, and not a smart fighter. That's why Buffy was always able to kick his butt. Edward would rip his throat out just like he did to James.