Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Give your Team a tagline - Edward or Jacob in New Moon

I love this! The Twilight Examiner has asked what would be your Teams tagline. The books New Moon and Eclipse show the pros and cons of Vampires and Werewolves as they relate to Bella. There has been merchandise already such as I love boys who sparkle for Edward but I haven't really seen any for Jacob. Or maybe thats because I don't pay attention to Jacob merchandise. Sorry I'm Team Edward all the way. Here are some of my favorites that have already been posted on the Examiners site:

Posted by someone named ME! LOL!
Team Alice because all good things come in small packages
Team Emmett because bear hugs are better

Posted by Cassie
Team Switerland...working toward peace everyday

Posted by Dee
Team Edward because diamonds are forever

Posted by Lynx: I thought this one was pretty funny
Team Jacob: Cause I'd rather have a dog, than a pet rock

What would be your tagline? Do you like any of these?

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