Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Twilighterlovee!!

Well if you didn't know Twilighterlovee's birthday was on Monday. It was her sweet sixteenth birthday! Of course MME and MMB wanted to join the party. When will they ever miss a party! They were there for the big cake unveiling. It was great. I am a bit jealous since I did not get a cake like this. It was a New Moon Cake. I tried to get a piece of Jacobs head but she wouldn't allow it. MME was almost close to getting a whack at it but was unsuccessful. Even with his vampire speed, she caught him just in time. Oh...MME and MMB want to send a shout out to Twilighterlovee: You are the coolest girl ever Vero even though you did not introduce us to our siblings. We love you very much! Follow @Twilighterlovee on twitter she is awesome!

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