Thursday, August 13, 2009

IESB's Interview with Peter Facinelli

IESB has a great article with Peter talking about how he get into acting, Nurse Jackie, and New Moon. I thought it was really interesting. Here is a piece of the interview:

IESB: Was there a certain comfort level, in returning to this character again for New Moon, having already played him before?
Peter: Definitely. It's like putting on an old pair of jeans, the second time around. You feel like you already know this character and you've created him, and you know the other actors and you know the relationships, but you're always looking to dig a little deeper and find more because you don't want to keep churning out the same thing. You try to keep finding different layers. With the first movie, I did a lot more research on how this character was. For the second movie, I worked more on his relationships within the family structure.

To read the rest of the interview click here

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