Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MME and MMB's Beach Fun Adventure

Hey everyone! You missed us? I know you did. We are off to the beach with the human for the day. Its sure to be a big adventure. B: Yup! We are going to have so much fun...maybe I'll jump off one of the sand dunes...E: Bella you better not get into any trouble...
Check us out! We look so small...I told the human you wouldn't be able to see us...*shakes head*
We are almost getting there...you see the water Bella?
B: Yes I see it! It all around us...hey there are people on boats down there.
E: You aren't getting on any boats Bella. B: Oh Edward you party pooper you are no fun!
B: Is this the Statue of Liberty?
E: Nope thats my friend Jesus! What up dude!
B: We are here! The water looks so beautiful!
E: Not as beautiful as you
B: I want to go check out the water! Lets take a dip Edward!

E: Bella you can't leave my side. I will never find you in all that water.
B: C'mon Edward lets go the human is calling take my hand.
B: Ugh...Edward thats my butt
Wait Bella! Where did she go now!
Come see Edward...check out the view up here!
Bella what are you doing? B: I'm showing you the view duh!
Look at this seashell I found for you. B: This? I love it!

C'mon Edward lets go to the bridge!
E: Isn't this nice Bella? Bella? B: Woo hooo!!
BELLA! What did I tell you about jumping!
B: That was great... E: *shakes head* Bella...you could have got hurt and its time to go B: Alright...
E: Check out this kite our human found...these dude's rock!
We are heading home after a long day!
Did you have fun Bella? B: Yea it was great! Especially jumping off that bridge. E: Oh Bella...

Check out the view from the bridge!

We also found this light house but I don't think we are allowed in it.
It was a great day and even better since I spent it with you!

Till next time..

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  1. ROFLMFAO! That made me laugh. I haven't even
    posted the pictures of my trip to the beach
    with the pockets. Hah. xD