Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Funnies: Robert Attacked by Aliens?


You have to admit some stories that are seen online are pretty funny. Like did you hear you can get sperm so that your child can look like Robert Pattinson? Really? Yes really or maybe a look-alike supposably. Now this one who knows if its true. According to the Examiner and EntertainmentWise, Rob encountered three female fans dresses as aliens in a public toilet.

As he attempted to leave the bathroom, "they blocked him when he tried to exit. Robert panicked, but then the alien monsters whipped off their scary headgear and revealed they were just three giggly Earth gal fans," a source close to Pattinson reportedly revealed.

Rob was happy to sign autographs for the girls once they removed their masks. The source said "Robert thought it was a hilarious stunt."

LMAO...they must have been pretty convincing masks for him to panic...What do you think of this story and have you heard any others?


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