Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Muffin Scene will be in New Moon

Kiowa Gordon talks about the Muffin Scene in New Moon

Taylor also talks about how he is very angry in New Moon:

According to the buff, 17-year-old star, Jacob will spend much of "New Moon" in a mood that not even a tasty pastry could cure. "He's a little upset. He's pissed off a lot in this movie, for many different reasons," Lautner explained. "Maybe because he just transformed into a werewolf. But he's a little grumpy at that moment. So I just watched them eat their muffins."

An intense Taylor? The news might be shocking for those die-hard fans who have come to know and love the actor as a happy-go-lucky guy. But according to Lautner, he can put on his game face when he needs to.

"Oh," he promised with a wicked grin, "I can turn it on and off."

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