Sunday, August 2, 2009

My First Movie Crush

Empire online has an article on one of its blogs on who is your first movie crush? I can't even remember who was my fist movie crush. I think it would have to be Keanu Reeves in Speed. He just looked so cute, and the voice. Something about the voice got to me...hehe...I'm pretty sure there was someone else besides him but right now I can't remember. Anyway back to the article. A small bit of it mentions the Twilight fan base which they saw at Comic-Con and this is what they had to say:
Listening to the piercing screams of 6,000 salivating, slobbering Twihards as Robert Pattinson (or R Patz) bowled onto the stage at this year’s Comic Con coverage provoked a couple of reactions in me.

Firstly, I found it heartening that such a committed dedicated fanbase still exists. It is easy to dismiss the Twilight fanbase as squealing overwrought girls who have graduated from the front row of the Jonas Brothers to the front row of Hall H but from the camping out over night to the fan fic to the homemade costumes it is a fan base bursting with creativity, passion and an interest in fantasy flicks (over say American Idol) that could well spill over into other areas. And surely that is to be applauded?

So who was your first movie crush? Who is your movie crush now? Robert Pattinson? I know it is...Tell me in the comments!

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