Friday, August 28, 2009

New Kristen Stewart Interview

The Independent got to sit down with Kristen and talk about her working in the film industry and also talk a little bit about New Moon. It is very interesting to read. Here are some bits from the article:

She might have ousted Miley Cyrus from her mystifying position as The World's Most Famous Teenage Girl but Twilight star Kristen Stewart, 19, is in denial. "People don't really recognise me," she smiles, knowing it sounds unhinged. "I think I just look different in person or something. I'm also not very approachable." She laughs hard and knowingly. Take the outfit she wore to this month's Teen Choice Awards (where she won Best Actress Drama for Twilight): a Rock & Republic dress, the skirt section of which comprised only silver spikes. It didn't take an expert to deduce the message: "Don't stand so close to me!"

Do she and Pattinson ever compare notes on the Twilight phenomenon? "The funny thing is we haven't really talked about it. Although we can commiserate and be like, 'ugh, it's crazy'."

The second Twilight film, New Moon, is released in November, and Stewart is excited that it will be "more tragic". But mostly, she is excited at her character's progression. "Over the course of these four movies Bella has to change. I'm not ruining it for anybody in saying that she and Edward end up together. In the first one he's very much a man and she's very much a child so she needs to become a more formidable partner. We're working on that."

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Source: Independent

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