Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'New Moon' Star Jackson Rathbone Gets a 'Girlfriend' (Shannon Woodward)

Not a real girlfriend. Thats the name of the movie Jackson will be staring in and producing. Hollywood crush was lucky enough to speak with Shannon Woodward, who talks about the film and Twilight. You might have seen her before hanging out with Robert Pattinson. I think she is dating one of his friends. Here were some of the questions asked:

HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: Tell me a bit about "Girlfriend" — what is your character like?

SHANNON WOODWARD: "Girlfriend" is kind of like a strange love story, but with several different people involved. I think my character is kind of a troubled, incredibly young mother who has very different and, at some points, very strained and strange relationships with several different people, like romantic relationships.

How do you feel about the fact that this project could be getting extra attention just because its connected to "Twilight"?

I think its great. This is an art film, and if it introduces a new audience to a film they wouldn't have seen for any other reason, then I think that that's a great thing. I think that there are a lot of teenagers who would be interested in "Twilight" who are also interested in seeing interesting dark, gritty movies.

Have you seen "Twilight"?

Have I seen "Twilight"? Who hasn't? Of course Ive seen it! [Laughs]

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Source: MTV

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