Monday, August 24, 2009

Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser hang out and Eclipse set Gossip

Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser were out for a walk yesterday. Hanging out the usual. They seem to having fun laughing and clowning around. At least the pics don't look to bad ass they are not to up close and intruding their personal bubble.

You may have seen the previous post where David Slade tweeted about this last week in Vancouver. Well Lainey is told exclusively that Xavier was on set on Friday night for a scene involving "Riley" trying to rein in his misbehaving newborn children, oblivious to certain members of the Volturi, led by Dakota Fanning's "Jane" and her companion "Alec" who were silently observing.

*Spoiler* In Eclipse it is never mentioned that Jane and Alec are there when Riley is recruiting his newborns. It is more assumed or implied that they know about it after they come to clean up the mess. Also I don't remember if Alec comes with Jane after the newborn army attacks. I do remember Felix, Demetri, and Jane but not Alec. I guess I will have to look that one up.

To see more pictures of Nikki and Elizabeth click here.

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