Sunday, August 30, 2009

Peter Facinelli you have a heart of gold!

So nice to see when someone does something good and is willing to help others. This is why we love you Peter! You might have seen a post that Peter was heading to Portland, Oregon this weekend to sign autographs for fans and visit the children of Doernbecher Children's Hospital. Peter tweeted about his experience:
The courage I saw in the faces of these sick children is something I will never forget. Their smiles were stronger than any disease. Even the sickest of the group I met were determined that yesterday be a good day. I spent the morning with them in awe of their strength. Not only their strength but the strength of their family members supporting them. It made me very aware how much health is taken for granted. I pray they win their fight and can return home again soon.
His four hour autograph signing was also a success. According to Peter, over 5,000 was raised for the hospital alone.
I was so affected by what I saw yesterday morning, and so inspired by those children, their families, and all who came out in support, that I have decided to personally match that $5000.00. Doernbecher's Children's Hospital will be receiving $10,000 due to our collaborative efforts this weekend.
He also mentioned Eclipse by saying he's already in Vancouver and "Tomorrow, more fight training."

Source: Examiner

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