Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RadarOnline Interviews the Humans!

RadarOnline.com caught up with some Twilight stars Tuesday morning at LAX Airport on their way to Vancouver to shoot Eclipse. Which according to Michael they begin shooting on Thursday.

Christian Serratos, Justin Chon and Michael Welch, who play the humans in the Twilight movies, talk about what they do off screen such as planning screens to disney land, playing poker, tattoos.

Michael says when they were discovered they were unknowns and adds: "We all have gone on this journey together."

On her spare time, Christian, is an avid poker player and says she always wins when she plays at the Morongo Casino just outside of Palm Springs.

Michael and Justin did some improv in New Moon, and they are hoping to do some more this time around.

Justin says his goal is to "just have fun."

Justin also exposed to us one of his two tattoos. While he says both of them are personal, he revealed one is an angel on his chest and the other is a Somoan symbol on his leg. He also said he's bringing his ukulele to Vancouver to play during his free time.

As for their fans: Michael said it best, "I get to be a part of the cultural phenomenon, but there are no riots breaking out over me."

To see the video click on the link below:

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Twilight Stars, Poker, Tattoos & Disneyland | RadarOnline.com

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