Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Rainy Pocket Sunday!

B: Rain...Rain...Go Away!
B: What are we going to do now? Its raining outside!
E: I'm sure you'll think of something to do.
B: What do you mean I'll think of something? Where are you going?
E: I have to go for a bit. I haven't hunted in a while Bella.
E: Don't be upset Bella.
E: I love you! It's only for a short time.
E: I'll be back soon.
Well would you look at meat! Need to look for more!
Here birdy..birdy..birdy
Gotcha! Nom...Nom...Nom...
Hmm...what is this?
Wow! This sure is a lot of ribbon.
E: Bella I'm back...Ugh...what happened to you? *chuckles* B: I had a little trouble with some ribbon okay! Stop laughing its not funny.
B:Anyway, look what I found! E: What is that?
B: Its some kinda lighting stick. See you press this button and it lights up! E: Oh...very nice. Don't you want to watch your movie?
Oh the Notebook! I love this movie!
E: C'mon Bella lets dance.
B: Edward you know I can't dance...and there is no music.
E: Don't worry about it. You just let me lead. I'll put our song on.

B: And what song would that be? E: Lifehouse - 'You and Me' of course.
B: Well dancing isn't so bad when its with you. E: I have a surprise for you!
B: What is it?! E: Hold on close your eyes.
E: And here's another! B: I love it!
B: Thank you so much for my gifts Edward!
Your welcome!
Till next time...

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