Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rob on the cover of Premiere Magazine

So all the photos being seen that we thought were from Vanity Fair were actually from Premiere Magazine. Thanks to ThinkingofRob! They have done the translation for us.

The next edition of "Premiere" Magazine, which comes out in stores on Wednesday, will please Robert Pattinson and Twilight Fans.

In this very special edition you'll find: an exclusive interview with Robert Pattinson as well as information regarding the fiming of New Moon.

Thanks to the worldwide success of Twilight, he has become a walking phenomenon. Premiere has been following him from the very start and met with him this summer on the set of NEw Moon, the second film of the series, in the medieval city of Montepulciano in Italy.

It was the perfect occasion for Robert Pattinson to speak, with humor and lucidity about his sudden fame (he said that movie sets are now the only place where he can have a private life...) and his projects after Twilight.

In this issue you'll find 6 pages of exclusive information, as well as images from a set filled with fans.

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