Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stephenie thinks 'Breaking Dawn' should be made into 2 movies!

Check out this short video of Stephenie Meyer explaining why:

There was some comments in the website that I thought were interesting and would be the perfect cliffhanger for Breaking Dawn part 1 if it were to be made into 2 movies. One commenter (kerbear585) said it should be *SPOILER* if you have not read the book when Bella awakens as a vampire and opens her eyes then...bam the movie ends! That would go thru the wedding, Isle Esme, and the Pregnancy. Another commenter (vampgirrl_robsten and regbennett) said they should end it when Jacob is walking and in shock because he thinks Bella is dead and then he sees Renesmee and then you hear Bella's last heart beat and then it goes black. Or they can have it silent and all you hear is Bella's heartbeat, Jane walking in slow-motion, Jacob sees Renesmee, you hear Bella's last heartbeat, and boom! End of movie! I got goosebumps just reading these comments and imagining it!

What do you think the cliffhanger should be for the first part of Breaking Dawn if it was split into two?

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