Monday, August 31, 2009

Twilight gets spoofed in the new movie Transylmania

Okay another one trying to cash in on some money. Seems now everyone is trying to get in on the vampires. Just this weekend I saw two movie previews for new vampire movies. One actually looked pretty good I might end up watching it. The movie I believe is called DayBreakers. Now this movie I just saw the preview too looks pretty dumb to me and I don't think i'll end up watching it but it attacks all things vampires including Twilight. Here is the Trailer for Transylmania:

According to MTV, The flick centers around a rag tag group of college students who embark on a study abroad semester at Razvan University in Transylvania. The trailer opens with an obvious parody of Bella's "Twilight" voiceover: "At the start of the new moon, I was absolutely positive of three things. First, Radu was a vampire. Second, my one birthday wish was to feel his kiss. Third, nothing could prepare my friends and I for our semester abroad in Transylvania!" And then dives into a slew of fright-night cliches. There's a picture-perfect girl sporting a grotesque hunchback. A cross-bow carrying vampire hunter who's obviously shopped in Van Helsing's closet. And a vampire who's dialect coach was mostly likely The Count from "Sesame Street."

So what do you think of the trailer? Will you end up watching it?

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