Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twilight-themed book to be published by US Magazine

It's like everyone is just trying to make as much money as they can off these movies. Everyone is getting their hands on the "Twilight" phenomenon. Of course they know anything with the name Twilight on it will sell and make lots of money. So why wouldn't US Magazine want to get it on it.

According to the Examiner, US Magazine will be putting together a new book all about the Twilight Saga that will be out before New Moon's release in November. The book will feature photos of the stars, the New Moon plot summary just in case you didn't read the books, news from the set of Eclipse, and feature sections about the stars. For example, there will be an "A to Z of Robert Pattinson" and "what the stars were like in high school." They might even put a bunch of made up stuff about the love affair going on between Rob and Kristen.

The book will be available at Barnes and Noble bookstores for around $10.oo. So if you have the money to get it check it out!

Source: Examiner

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