Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What scenes are you most looking foward to seeing in 'New Moon,' 'Eclipse' & 'Breaking Dawn'?

'New Moon' is only 13 short weeks away, 'Eclipse' is shooting and just recently, there was an apparently false rumor that we would be getting two 'Breaking Dawn' movies. So MTV has put together a list of their top five favorite scenes we they can't wait to see in order of importance. *SPOILER* If you haven't read the books don't read below:


What happens when you’re the most precious object in the world to both a vampire and a werewolf? Well, they’ll skip a giant battle between bad vamps, good vamps and shapeshifters to protect you in a tent far from danger. But what happens if it’s during the winter, and your only chance at keeping your body temperature up is cuddling with the extra warm werewolf in his sleeping bag? And if your boyfriend the vampire can read that werewolf’s mind as he’s thinking up some pretty inappropriate things to do to you? That leads to some good drama, my friends. Some very good drama.


It’s what the entire “Twilight” series was building up to:The wedding between Bella and Edward. Finally, the two of them can be together forever. Finally, they can get it on. And finally, she can become a vampire (sorry, Edward). But the wedding itself, though short in "Breaking Dawn," is bound to be a beautiful and drawn out affair on screen. Besides, it allows us just for a moment to pretend it’s KStew and RPattz, not Bella and Edward, walking down that aisle.

So what are the scenes you are most looking forward to? I agree with both these the wedding in Breaking Dawn, the tent scene in Eclipse also the proposal scene in Eclipse is my absolute favorite!

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