Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Will there be a Breaking Dawn and will the whole cast be back for it?

According to Ted Casablanca this is so true as they say on E. Here is what he has to say:

For all of you nervous Nellies who need everything to be 100 percent confirmed to believe it (that would be you, Robsten doubters), Summit has officially announced that Breaking Dawn is a go.

Like we told you months ago, Summit and the cast were onboard for the fourth film and they damn well planned to pump out this franchise basically as fast as possible. Why? Because the horny cast can't keep off each other—that's why. And that so hasn't changed, darlings. If anything, it's only gotten more twisted. So these movies need to get wrapped pronto before the cast really starts pissing each other off.

So is B.D. still on track to be PG like screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg dished a while back? And are any castmembers getting axed à la Rachelle Lefevre?

First up: Deep Twi tells us that execs over at the studio know their audience. And it's hardly just made up of 13-year-old girls. Don't expect an R rating or anything, but as far as we've heard, the film will retain the original book's "sexual heat."

Too dee-lish. Flying feathers, broken headboard, plus, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart equals box-office gold.

As for which castmembers will return?

"Everyone will be back," Deep Twi assures us.

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