Friday, September 11, 2009

Edward Cullen vs Stefan Salvatore: Who is your choice?

Seeing as the Vampire Diaries premiered last night... I watched out of curiosity. I wondered would it be exactly like Twilight or would it be another sucky vampire show like many others. So my conclusion after watching it was was okay, so far so good. It kept me interested but the previews gave it all away, so I knew pretty much what was going to happen. Anyway back to my point. Who would you choose? Edward Cullen or Stefan Salvatore? They do have simialr traits in my opinion.

Intense Stare: They both have that stare where you just don't want to look away. You know which stare i'm talking about...the dazzling stare as Bella would say. I thought the way Stefan looked at Elena was exactly how Edward looks at Bella.

Glorious Voice: Then there is the way they both speak. They both keep you very interested and wanting more with every word. Very seductive and hypnotizing even.

Style: The way they both dress similar to each other. Maybe its just me or maybe because they are vampires and everything they wear looks sexy. =) Oh and if I'm correct I did see Stefan busting out those Ray Ban glasses just like Edward. That is if my eyes weren't playing tricks on me.

Brunettes: Now you see Edward prefers Brunettes. So does Stefan if you watched the episode. He choose Elena, maybe because she resembled someone from his past. But either way he choose her rather than Caroline. Just like Edward told Bella he choose her over Tanya.

So given these examples and by what you saw last night (if you saw the show) and knowing what you know about Edward Cullen. Who would be your choice? Vote of the poll or leave a comment!

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