Friday, September 11, 2009

Edward still drives the same Volvo!

So by now most of you must have seen the pictures that were spreading across the web of Eclipse. In those photos were photos taken of Robert Pattinson standing and getting out of a Black Volvo. Everyone went into a panic since Edward drives a silver Volvo not a black Volvo. So who else but Twilight Lexicon to track down the answers. The Lex talked to Summit and here is what they had to say:

Lexicon Staff: "There are pictures of Robert Pattinson standing in front of a Black Volvo. Is that Edward's car or is it a background vehicle? If it is Edward's car, will it be recolored in post production? For most fans, maing Edward's Volvo anything but silver is kind of like deciding that the Batmobile is purple."

Summit Answer: "Edward is driving the exact same car he drove in New Moon."

So there you have it! Edward drives the same Volvo he does in New Moon. So now the question is have you seen the car he drives in New Moon? Because I sure haven't. =) Never satisfied am I...hehe...

{via Twilight Lexicon}

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