Monday, September 21, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Kellan Lutz

The Twilight Parent Examiner got to talk to Kellan Lutz about what its like being under the spotlight.

"Everyone’s so loving and supporting- there’s no haters. There’s so many Twilight fans that have given me presents- gummy bears or chew toys for my dog. It’s so humbling; people wanting to have a picture with me or wanting me to sign something. It’s so endearing.

But when we’re here working 12, 14, 16 hour days, on our off days we just want to be a normal human being and go get a bite to eat or go play pool and be normal. We just want to get out of our hotel rooms or apartments, but we can’t, and that’s a tough thing. And we don’t always want to have to look our best. I just love dressing comfy to go out, but we can’t because there’s always photographers there."

To read more of the interview click here.

Kellan did mention the papparazzi taking photos of him at the gym. I had posted one of the photos a while back saying had the paparazzi gone to far. Reading this...yes they did.

There will be a part two of the interview tomorrow.

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