Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday MMB!

Today is MMB's birthday and the human and I are making her a special surprise!
We are mixing the ingredients! Eggs...yuck!
There goes the cake mix!
Its as red as the Red Sea!
We are making cupcakes people not cake! Red Velvet Vampire Surprise...that sounds good
I hope she likes all this! It's hard work for a small pocket like me.
Okay...I got the cupcakes and the kisses, now I just need some frosting!
Okay! The surprise is almost done! Just need to get MMB!

Where is MME? Ugh...another b-day...hope he is not making such a big deal about it.
Guess I'll watch Chicken Little while I wait. That dude has got some big eyes! Bigger than my head!
E: Hi MMB I got a suprise for you!
B: Where have you been?
E: Its a surprise let me put this on you so you won't see. B: Oh no not the ribbon!
E: C'mon Bella don't be a bad sport I have been slaving all day! B: Okay....
E: Now no peaking!
B: I can't even see how am I supposed to peak!
B: Yikes! Where are we going...Edward... E: Trust me Bella
You better hold on tight spider-monkey!
Okay...I smell something delicous...
Happy Birthday MMB!
B: Oh Edward I love it! Thank you! Best Birthday gift ever! E: You are welcome Bella...I love you!

Till next time....

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