Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jodelle Ferland talks about Eclipse

The New York Beauty Examiner was able to ask Jodelle Ferland a few questions:

"I understand that right after news broke that you had joined the Twilight family, fans went crazy and you got some intense reactions from your friends. Has the hype died down at all for you?"
Yeah I mean at first everybody was going crazy and everyone was congratulating me. They're still all really excited that it hasn't....no, they haven't calmed down that much. *laughs* I have a Twitter account, and that hasn't calmed down at all, I'm still getting the same amount of followers. Everyday. On the first couple of days I was getting A LOT and not its not quite as many everyday. But it's been about the same pace. My friends have calmed down a little bit, but they are still really really really excited."

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