Thursday, September 17, 2009

'New Moon' sells out 63 showtimes 64 days before opening

According to the LA Times, Fan frenzy is alredy breaking records for "The Twiligth Saga: New Moon." Online ticket sellers MovieTickets and Fandango report that the follow-up to last year's hit from Summit Entertainment, which sold $191.5 million worth of tickets in the U.S. and Candada, is selling out screenings earlier than any other movie to date.

"New Moon" has sold out 50 showtimes of nearyl 22,000 offered on Fandango and 13 showtimes of 2,912 offered on MovieTickets. Most of the sold-out shows are at or around midnight Nov. 20, when the movie debuts. The two websites started selling "New Moon" tickets extraordinarily early--Aug. 31 for Fandango and Sep. 10 for MovieTickets--as theater chains they work with began scheduling screening in anticipationof a huge first weekend. The first "Twilight" grossed a stellar $36 million on its Friday opening, reflecting pent-up demand among fans of the best-selling books.

For most movies, online ticket sales start about 45 days before they debut. Though "New Moon" holds the record for selling out screenings the earliest, 20 Century Fox's event film "Avatar" started offereing tickets even earlier on Aug. 21, more than four months before the film's Dec.18 debut. Neither Fandago nor MovieTickets have yet sold out any "Avatar" shows, although they're currently offereing only a tiny fraction of the nearly 25,000 available for "New Moon."

Source: LA Times

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