Sunday, September 20, 2009

An Outdoor Pocket Adventure

We are exploring the outdoors today! Check it out MME I'm posing next to the Angel! Who looks better?
How about now?
Umm...I don't think I can do that pose. You are lucky Angel that I don't have bendable legs.

Hey MME Look at me! I'm so high up!
*shakes head* oh MMB you are always getting yourself in danger! And to answer your question you pose better than any Angel. You are my Angel.
Uh...MME can you help me up! I don't have vampire skills like you! MME: Oh sorry love.
MME: Let me help you up! MMB: Steady MME I don't want to fall we are so high up.
This view is great MME! Thanks for helping me up you are so sweet.
Your welcome MMB. Lets see what else we can find.
Look at this beautiful flower MME!
Its not as beautiful as you MMB. MMB: *blushes* oh you are so biased.
Thanks for coming on our adventure with us!

Till next time....

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