Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Take 40: The Used Reveal the Title Track on the 'New Moon' Soundtrack

Take 40 has an exclusive interview with Bert McCracken of The Used. Bert revealed in his interview that The Used will have the song, "For You I Would," on the 'New Moon' soundtrack, and the song is set to be the title track:
Publicity for the 'Twilight' sequel 'New Moon' is heating up as the film's release date, Novemember 19, creeps closer. *squeals excitedly*

take40.com reported this morning that Death Cab For Cutie will have the lead single for the 'New Moon' soundtrack, a song titled 'Meet Me on The Equinox.'

But we have some more exciting New Moon goss!

When we spoke to Bert McCracken of The Used yesterday, he revealed that a new song of theirs entitled 'For You I Would' was set to be the title track!

"It's gonna be a big deal," Bert told take40.com. "We wrote a really awesome original song for the movie."

Bert also said that former Nine Inch Nails musician Danny Lohner produced the track.

You can listen to the interview here.

Have you heard Meet Me On The Equinox by Death Cab For Cutie? Didn't like the song at first but its growing on me. What about The Used? Do you like their music?

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